AT&T Customer Service Number for Help

AT&T is a comprehensive web portal that enables the users to avail the benefits of mail programs, finance, sports, entertainment channels, weather forecast, and news. It has created a partnership with Yahoo and is now powered by the latter company. With web access, you can access the options available on the dashboard at any given time. It also offers internet and telecommunication services, holding one of the leading and fastest networks. Accessing AT&T mail through its portal can be quite straightforward. You either can achieve it through a web browser or via email app. AT&T portal can also be used as an e-commerce portal. There are a lot more options available on AT&T domain, and you can take detailed guidance from the professionals at ATT support number.

How to Create AT&T Email Account?

Being a first time AT&T email user requires you to follow a proper procedure. Even though creating an account is quite easy, but, if you face errors during the process, do not hesitate to have a word with the certified experts by dialing ATT helpline number. Once you had opened an AT&T internet account, your primary email address was already created. You can now add more email accounts to the same.

  • Open portal on the web browser and enter your username and password. Use the login credentials the same as AT&T Internet account details.
  • Click on Internet from the AT&T tab.
  • Search for Email accounts and then move to ‘Create/Manage Sub Account.’
  • Select ‘Add a sub-account’ and agree to the AT&T terms and conditions.
  • Type a new email address and password in the required field.
  • Complete your profile details by entering- first and last name, gender, date of birth, zip code, etc.
  • Do the same for the online process. Select two security questions and answers.
  • Click on Save.
  • Click on Continue, and this completes your sub-account email setup.
  • You can also choose whether you wish to give access to this account to charge the purchases associated with your AT&T account.

These are some of the brilliant features of AT&T email. To know more about its features or anything, you can contact ATT technical support to get the most genuine and reliable information.

Features provided by AT&T Email

AT&T email provides the users with several features which helps them stand apart from its competition. Some of the most ideal features that this email service offers have been mentioned below for your reference.

  • Two-step verification process
  • Filter for the junk and spam email
  • Well-organized email folders
  • The user can send attachments with size up to 25 MB
  • Search option provided by this email service is effective
  • Shortcut keys are available for using this email service
  • This email is also suitable for a physically disabled person
  • Verizon email is easy to set up and configure on a smartphone
  • The users can easily save their contacts in their address book
  • The users can also create a secondary email account on this email service

The users also have the option of contacting the customer service team in order to learn more about the features that this email service provides.

Certain Flaws encountered while using AT&T email

Even though this email service is ranked amongst the top email service providers in the world. There are various issues which the user come across while working on this email service. Some common issues which the user encounter have been stated below for your reference:

  • Issue in recovering hacked email account
  • Problems faced while trying to reset the password of your account
  • Issue of emails going into the trash folder instead of inbox
  • Glitch where the users forget the ATT email password while recovering it
  • Malfunctions faced while changing the username or password of the account
  • Error encountered while managing the inbox settings or while sorting the emails
  • Issue of not being able to block unwanted email accounts
  • The issue of a user not being able to send or receive emails
  • Users not being able to attach files to their emails
  • Trouble faced by the user while composing mails

If the user is caught up with any of the above-given issues, then they would have the option of connecting with ATT phone number.

How to contact AT&T Customer Support number

Whenever the user finds themselves caught up with come issue while working on AT&T email, then they easily find the most effective solution to their problem by connecting with ATT customer service. This service is accessible on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge. The trained professionals at this service would ensure that your issue has been catered with utmost care.